Kettlebell Strongman

Kettlebell Strongman


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This program is based on classic lifts that are remembered but not often utilized in modern strength training. The core of this program is based on the use of kettlebells, ideally heavy ones. But in the weekly training, you will also see a large amount of sandbag work. So on top of making heavy iron available, you’re going to want to find a loadable sandbag or a variety of sandbags to get ready to use regularly. Other StrongMan equipment includes yokes and stones, but you can get inventive when those lifts are called for, or just get back to basics with a barbell.

This template can be placed into a 5-day training model with great success. The focus of the three days you see in KettleBell StrongMan begins with a Maximal Total Body Strength day based around the Turkish Getup. Second is a Power Endurance day utilizing new- and old-school kettlebell lifts, along with other movements that will increase your ability to produce more force at a higher demand throughout your sessions or competitive outlets. The third is a Strength Endurance day that will challenge your ability to maintain a high degree of stamina staying ahead of muscle failure and training your body to just keep moving.


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