Course Reviews

Last Saturday, I got offered a chance to jump in on the last spot and I’m so happy that I did. Jeff Martone is not just a legend, but quite the coach. He doesn’t over complicate any details and that makes it not just easier to learn, but also for me to coach at my gym. I would highly recommend coaches old and new to take this course. I learned some new cues and they will definitely translate in to Olympic lifts which is super helpful.

Not only have [the Kettlebell RX instructors] taken the knowledge and have become a world-class athlete, you also have “lab-tested” it over and over in your gym and with your clients, so that you have helped others become world-class athletes.  As Jeff has quoted: “Your ideal coach is a world-class athlete, a world-class coach, and a world-class person.”  You embody that to the full extent. I really enjoyed the course.  It really helped sharpen my ax, and motivated me take my own training to another level.

The course was outstanding and Zach Filer did an excellent job teaching the course.  We spent the appropriate amount of time on the lecture and a large amount of time on practical drills.

I really enjoyed his linear progression to the single and double kettlebell movements and how to fix troubled areas.  Obviously Zach is very knowledgeable in this area.

If he comes back to the Midwest again, I will definitely attend!  It was a great time!

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