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Workout of the Day 1-13-2020

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Warm Up: Joint Mobility/Dynamic

Strength: Bar/Bell SuperSet

5 Rounds

5 x Barbell Squat
7 x DxKB Pause RDLs

*Squats performed at 75% of your W1rm
*Perform RDLs with a 2 second Pause with handles below the knees and then an aggressive lockout to bring the Bells back to standing
*Rest 90-120 seconds between sets


12 Minute EMOM

Odd Minutes: Complete the Following

1 x Barbell Power Clean
2 x DxKB Clean
Max rep Burpees in remaining Time

Even Minutes: Rest

*The Barbell and KettleBell weight is up to you in today’s EMOM. And while you may go as heavy as you like on the Bells you may not exceed 225/155 on your Barbell work
*Be sure to choose weights that will allow you to have time to get after your burpees, you get to rest in the following minutes you can push the pace on the bodyweight today.

Cool Down: 3-5 Minutes of Light Monostructural

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